Why Live Gamer?

Virtual trading has already transformed the way we experience MMOs and virtual worlds and as real-money trading soars to the billions, the Live Gamer Exchange provides the security and transparency needed to trade virtual items with confidence. Publishers secure a complete solution for capitalizing on the thriving virtual economy while preserving the integrity of their games and brands. Live Gamer is transforming virtual trading – with a marketplace where everyone wins.

Virtual Trading: A Robust Global Economy for Players and Publishers

Millions of MMO players and virtual world inhabitants already personalize, extend and enhance their gameplay by conducting real-money trades for virtual goods, currency and characters. Intense consumer demand has driven rapid growth in this thriving economy with no signs of slowing.

  • The secondary market for virtual goods is already estimated to have reached over $1.8 billion worldwide.1
  • Analysts project that there will be 304 million online gamers worldwide in 2008, accounting for $7.6 billion in online game revenue.2
  • Projected 25.5% compound annual growth for the virtual economy through 2011.3

For publishers, real-money trading in virtual items a powerful revenue opportunity. If publishers fail to reclaim trading from illegitimate black and grey markets where it has traditionally taken place:

  • Players lack protection from predatory, unethical, and fraudulent players and organizations
  • Poor quality of service erodes participants’ gaming experience and undermines the publisher’s brand
  • Publishers have no way to regulate or profit from Player-to-Player trading activity
  • Unfulfilled & fraudulent trades, inaccurate metadata all increase publisher’s support costs and undermine customer satisfaction

Live Gamer: Proven Performance as the Industry’s Leading Virtual Marketplace

As the leading publisher-supported, secondary trading market for virtual goods, Live Gamer provides players with a better trading experience minus the risks and frustrations of black and grey market fraud. For Publishers, Live Gamer enables them to meet the growing demand for virtual trading, reduces illicit trading and customer service costs. For the first time, Publishers share in the revenue generated by Player-to-Player trades.

As a turnkey solution for publishers, Live Gamer provides a compelling and innovative user experience complemented by real-time reporting and analytics. Fraud detection and prevention assure complete safety and security for publishers and participants alike. Expert customer service provides a positive experience for every participant while allowing publishers to focus on game creation and delivery. And the leadership of seasoned interactive entertainment and financial services executives keeps the Live Gamer Exchange at the forefront of virtual trade technologies and practices.

1 New York Times. June 17, 2007. “The Life of the Chinese Gold Farmer.” Julian Dibbell.
2 Dibble, NYT, 2007.
3 Strategy Analytics. Aug 23, 2007. “Online Games: Global Market Forecast.” 2007.


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